What do you see as the main job responsibilities of a school board representative and how many school board meetings have you attended in person in the last two years?

Oversee all things involved with the school system. Implement new policies and procedures where needed. There are too many things to list.


What is the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) and why is it important to the St. Tammany schools?

It’s the formula that determines the cost to educate the students with the provided funding. Because of the low-income areas of the parish, the funding that is attributed to those schools is critical. It helps supplement educational materials that otherwise would not be available. Plus, those very materials need an upgrade as well.


The state has imposed numerous unfunded mandates on the St. Tammany school system. Discuss two of these mandates and how they affect the school-operating budget.

All unfunded mandates affect the budget in a negative manner.  If there is going to be a state mandate, then there needs to be funds available to finance it.


Tammany has an “out of district” policy that states a student must attend the public school in the district where the parent/ guardian owns a home and claims a homestead exemption or has proof of rent or lease.  There have been reported cases in which the policy has been violated.  A by-product of the policy violation is the overcrowding of some schools and under-utilization of others. Do you think anything should be done to balance the enrollment and reduce the need for more buildings? If so, what?

The problem is with the administration.  Changes need to be made with school administrators to solve many of these issues.  They have failed to listen to the parents. That must stop.


A major concern to parents and voters is the safety of our children while they are in our care at school.  By the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, all 55 schools will have a school resource officer (SRO) funded by FEMA and the BP oil settlement.  These funds will eventually expire.  Would you favor increasing the school board tax millage to cover this cost or do you have another suggestion for coming up with the money?

I do not support any new tax or fund this.  We need to examine areas of the budget that can be cut.  School safety is a huge issue of mine.  With my law enforcement experience, I am the only one who truly know how to handle these tough situations.


The Louisiana Industrial Ad Valorem Tax Exemption program allows school districts to reject exemptions that decrease the tax revenue available to the school board. What action, if any, should the school board take in compliance with the current law to adopt new policies and standards for industries seeking tax exemptions?  Do you think the school board should accept or reject most exemptions?

There are requirements for these companies that are seeking the exemption.  We must make sure that they follow the requirements and that what they are doing benefits our school system.  The problem is the Governor has the power of an Executive Order to void a contract between a corporation and the school board.