Candidate Information:

The following responses were received from candidates running for Sheriff in St. Tammany Parish:

“Tim” Lentz

“Randy” Smith

“Nick” Tranchina


Submitted to candidates by the League of Women Voters of St. Tammany:

1. Describe your prior law enforcement experience and any other experience you have relevant to this position.

2. What are the most important challenges facing St. Tammany Parish, e.g. substance abuse, mental health needs, poverty, etc.?  How do you propose to address them?

3. What kind of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our community?

4. How will you ensure that inmates’ access to medical and mental health care is adequate and timely?

5. Before trial and conviction, people held in jail are eligible to vote. If elected, what steps will you take to ensure that pretrial detainees are aware of this right and to assist them in registering or voting while detained?

6. Please describe any changes, innovations or “best practices” you are considering implementing in St. Tammany Parish that could reduce the jail population, improve re-entry services, reduce recidivism? What are your plans to develop police-community partnerships?