The following answers were provided by Floyd Trascher running for Council District 9 in St. Tammany Parish:

1. What do you think is the single most important drainage issue in your district and what are your proposals to solve and fund it?

The single most important drainage issue in District 9 would be maintenance on our drainage laterals and sub surface lines, along with expanding the retention and detention systems for new development. I would propose to increase the preventive maintenance on existing facilities with the public works crews and strengthen our requirements on the retention and detention systems.

2. What is your definition of economic development in St. Tammany Parish? What criteria should be used in granting property tax exemptions and what property tax exemptions do you support?

Economic development for St Tammany Parish should be to create meaningful jobs that are career oriented through clean manufacturing, distribution and service related industries. Our economy, based on Government being the largest employer, is not conducive to a stable tax base. In order to grow our economy I would support tax incentives to establish or expand an industry to create sufficient jobs to offset the tax credit.

3. Should the parish government acquire, operate and maintain private sewage and water systems?  Why or why not?

As our parish moves forward, it is necessary to provide clean water and reliable sewer systems for the safety and welfare of our citizens. We must address this issue on a regional approach and dedicate the necessary resources, as other municipalities and parishes have done to solve their sewer and water problems. Parish government needs to review the operation of our systems and begin the process of blending these individual systems to a regional facility to stop sewer pollution and provide long term solutions to our water and sewer problems for the safety and welfare of our citizens.  

4. Heavy rain events are becoming more frequent and severe.  How has this impacted your district?  What are your plans for mitigating the effects?

As we experience these rain events our street drainage is overwhelmed. We must increase our preventative maintenance on our existing systems to maximize their operation and expand the implementation of the retention and detention systems to reduce the water runoff to our drainage canals. For the long term plan, we need to restore the flow to the West Pearl River and whenever possible increase the capacity of our major outfall canals.