The following answers were provided by John J. Martin running for Council District 3 in St. Tammany Parish:

1. What do you think is the single most important drainage issue in your district and what are your proposals to solve and fund it?

Hwy 190 (East-West) and 1077 (North-South) act like dams to trap water – flooding homes.  State to put traffic circle at that intersection – put new culverts there to relieve pressure.

2. What is your definition of economic development in St. Tammany Parish? What criteria should be used in granting property tax exemptions and what property tax exemptions do you support?

Businesses that are from Mom and Pop to industrial that are placed in the proper location and are environmentally safe and sustainable and provide well paying jobs. Must meet above mentioned criteria and tax exemptions would be considered serving to economic benefit of the parish.

3. Should the parish government acquire, operate and maintain private sewage and water systems?  Why or why not?

Most large cities have a municipal sewerage and water system.  The economics of taking over a large number of private systems, supplying the work force to run them would be prohibitive.  This may be possible in the future by acquiring and centralizing them.

4. Heavy rain events are becoming more frequent and severe.  How has this impacted your district?  What are your plans for mitigating the effects?

The Goodbee area has had numerous floods.  Stop slab on fill development.  Reduce density of new developments coming in and mandate raised foundations. Improve water flow under East-West Hwy.  (Work with the state to accomplish this.)