Dan Curtis Candidate Bio


Why do you want to be Mayor of Abita Springs?

I believe the town is at a fork in the road.  I know the way the town is heading and it is the wrong way.  I am the only person who will change direction of the town and put us on the path of controlled growth, fiscal responsibility and true transparency.


What three accomplishments in your political, personal, or business career are you most proud of?

I am the only alderman who has voted to not pass the budget (2017) due to unclear practices by this administration.  My marriage to my wife Theresa and the adoption of our two sons Jayden and Landon.


What is your vision for Abita Springs at the end of your four year term? What will you do to improve and enhance the quality of life for Abita Springs’ residents, businesses, and visitors?

My vision is to become completely transparent. Video all meetings and stream them live so everyone can see them.  Re-negotiate the Sheriff’s contract, removal of all administrative fees on utilities, reduction in all contracts and streamlining the government.  Run Mayor’s court myself and save the magistrate and legal fees.  Change the phone system and have one of the seven and one half office workers answer the phone in no more than three rings.  This all will be completed in the first 9 months of my election.


List several projects in which you have had significant impact and how you affected the outcome.


Please rank your top three priorities for this new term and outline your plan for implementing these priorities.

Planning, Transparency,  and building a TEAM concept.

PLANNING — I will continue to evaluate the planning developer that we are in negotiation with.

I want to include the public in the decision along with the board of Aldermen.  We must assure that the cost is within what we can afford, and we must continue to look for alternate ways to accomplish the same goal.

TRANSPARENCY— Video all meetings and either live stream or put them on the website so that they can be seen by everyone.  Change the way we present our monthly and quarterly budget.  Everything we do is public record so lets show everything.

TEAM CONCEPT — It is time for the board of Aldermen to be included in decision making of all things ABITA.  We are not a Dictatorship, nor a Monarchy.  I will also change the powers of the Planning and Zoning and Historic Committees to boards of recommendation to the only elected board in the town which is the board of Alderman.


What changes to procedures or new ordinances/laws will you propose and/or implement?

I will reside over Mayors court and save the town money.  I will change the decision making of the P & Z and Historic boards and give the power to the Aldermen.  A person will answer the phone when someone calls the town hall.


Please rank your top three priorities for the next four years and outline your plan for implementing them. Indicate how your priorities will grow our community while also preserving our roots.

Transparency and Planning,  smart spending of the taxpayer dollars, and fundamentally changing how government is run.


What changes, if any, do you support regarding new rules, procedures, or ordinances and why?

First we need to consolidate our ordinances.  I am for any rule, procedure, or ordinance that will reduce the cost and the scope of government.


Other than raising property millage rates, what plans, if any, do you have to increase town revenues in ways that are consistent with economic growth and a healthy, prosperous, livable, and safe community?

We are in the natural gas business now and we are known for our beer and our water.  I want the town to start a water company to rebrand ABITA WATER.  To show that I am concerned for our planet and environment, I would also like to research a fertilizer plant to dispose of the sludge that is pumped out of our sewer treatment facility.  Its treated and then bagged and sold as organic fertilizer.


What changes, if any, will you recommend to the Aldermen that may reduce expenses while maintaining or enhancing the quality of life in Abita Springs?

Reduction of the sheriffs contract…we do not get enough bang for our buck.  I will run Mayors Court and avoid having to pay a Magistrate or Legal Council.  Smart reduction of spending and constantly trying to find ways to give money back to the people.


Do you have any recommendations for changes/modifications to current zoning and planning laws and decisions that will ensure that as the town grows our cultural and historical significance will not be compromised?

I do think we need to concentrate new businesses on the out lying areas of the town.  This does not mean no new businesses in town though. I also believe all should meet the historic guidelines.


What are your thoughts and plans in the development of a Master Plan?

I think a plan is crucial however I don’t think we need to just throw money at one we need to make sure it fits our town.


What environmental issues do you consider important to Abita Springs?



What is your position regarding the proposal for hydraulic fracturing in St. Tammany Parish?  What actions have you taken?

I voted against fracturing when it came up on the property just outside Abita.  I was in favor of moving forward with the law suit against Helis Oil.  If we need more oil production then it needs to be done in other places.  Our water aquafer here in Abita Springs is legendary as far back as we can find any data hence, we should protect it with every part of our being.


What else would you like to share with voters to help them make their decision?

If you want accountable government and a mayor who is a team player, and someone who is a proven leader of men and women then I am the person for the job.  I WILL fundamentally change government in Abita…we will be one that other towns and cities will look to for guidance.  CALL ME and LETS TALK!!!!