“My Legis”

Tracking bills in the Louisiana Legislature

The website is www.legis.la.gov

  1. First “sign up” (upper right corner). After that, “log-in” will take you to the log-in page for “My Legis.”

  2. “My Legis” – This is where the bills you are tracking will be listed. To start, go to the “Bills” tab at the top of the page and click on the session you are interested in, e.g., 2016 First Extraordinary Legislative Session (the session ID then is 161ES). Bills are also accessible from the “Sessions” tab at the top of the page under “Bill search.”

    Note: Bill tracking only works with active legislative data. Bills are filed for multiple sessions. You will need to specify the session ID when adding a bill to your tracking list. This is usually done automatically.

  3. At the “Bills” site there are seven ways to conduct a search, including through committees and bill text.

    The main committees drafting legislation involving criminal justice issues are Administration of Criminal Justice (H), Judiciary (H), Appropriations (H), Finance (S), and Judiciary C (S).

    Bill text searches might be e.g., “criminal justice,” “juvenile justice,” “public defender,” “incarceration,” etc.

  4. From the search results click on the bill number to get more information. If you want to track the bill, click on the “eye” in the upper right hand corner.

  5. You may track up to 50 bills through “My Legis.”